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Jigjiga University is one of the public higher institutions that was founded in March 2007, along with the Second-Generation universities in Ethiopia. It is located in the emerging town of Jigjiga the capital city of Ethiopian Somali regional state, 635 kilometers away from Addis Ababa. The University officially started  its service with 712 students, 66 and 99 administrative in three faculties in 2007.

In the recent years, the intake capacity is increasing from year to year. So currently, it has a total of 21,554 students studying in 57 various academic programs and 627 post-graduate students pursuing in six academic programs. These programs are operating under eight Colleges, three Schools and an Institute.

To this effect, the university has shown much achievement in education, research and community service. Last year only, 1888 students are graduated from different discipline that are capable of playing a great role in the development of the country.

In it is aim is conducting demand driven research and communicating relevant research output  which are problem solving and result oriented. Most of these research focus in pastoral and agro- pastoral studies. The research output communication is one strategic objective that focuses on adoption and adaptation of locally relevant technology and its transferring and assessing the community awareness on cross cutting issues. It is also engaging in publicizing different research and related works to the internal and external customers and stakeholders through various means, like media, seminars, symposium and intellectual forums.



Key achievements registered in the last six months


This hospital is referral and teaching hospital that will make medical students to practice and at the same time give tremendous service to all people living in the area.  Furthermore, the hospital has created a lot of employment opportunities to many educated people.

Jigjiga University Business Enterprise
To become economically independent institution, Jigjiga University established a Business Enterprise that will give service to the university and Jigjiga city public. The Enterprise is generating income to the university.


Library, ICT and Students\' Services

Jigjiga University has accepted this year more than 5400 students which is the highest intake capacity ever since its establishment. To uplift the quality of education the university has been engaging Various activities such as upgrading information technology to enable the University students and staff to get access to international libraries. In line with this, the university signed bilateral agreement with Addis Ababa University and USA Embassy to utilize its library to this end the university get an access to over 20,000 books that are now easily accessible in the university. 

Jigjiga University SIMS

Jigjiga University has automated student related business process. The Students\' Information Management System (SIMS) handles student related business process of the University including: Course and curriculum management system, Academic program management system, Student admissions, registration and achievement system, Online grade submission and approval system, Certification and graduation system, and Online Student information.

Jigjiga University Television Program

JJU Partial View

JJU Partial View
Inside Library
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