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by (Tingirtu)
Recent Events
on 2019-02-15 13:42:47
MoU between Complutence University of Madrid and JJU
Today JJU made a MoU with Two Spanish OMF surgery and Pathology of Complutence university of Madrid in President Office . This MoU will enable Shuldan Sheikh Hasen Yabari Hospital (Referal Hospital -JJU ) to utilise the Spanish doctors for Oral and Maxillofacial surgery activities and also helps the local doctors to get on the job training and guest lectures from the experts. This MoU will be in force for the next three years and subject to revision of modification by mutual agreement at annual review meeting. MoU was exchanged between Mr.Elias Oumer Ibrahim (President) and OMF surgery and Pathology team Of Complutence university and Mr.Salh Hussein(ADVP), Dr.Abdiruf Hassan(ARVP) Dr.Abdulahi Hussein (CEO of SSHY Referal Hospital),Mr/Tingirtu Tekele(Director-International Relations Officer) Dr.P.N.Rao(Academic&Research Affairs -International Relations Office) Mr.Ahmed Arab Director(APDPD) were present in the program
by (Pradeep)
Recent Events
on 2018-05-17 10:23:29
ICT Application Development center launched OIS - Online Information System
We ICT ADC has launched OIS ( Online Information System ). Which is an University Single sign on application using which staff and student can access many modules like HelpDesk, Feedback System,Cafe System and so on with one single username and password
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