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ADVP Message

Mr. Salah Hussien
Administration and Development vice President

Dear Graduates,

I feel indeed honored and privileged to write this short congratulatory message for you graduates upon successful completion of your studies. Successful completion and making to this glorious day is the aim of every college entrant and the dream of every parent. It is evident that in higher education, those who are unwaveringly focused to the main task and with minimum distraction are destined to make it to end. You are the strong willed ones who persevered and managed to overcome the ups and downs of the collage life and the stress of examinations. Hence you deserve to be congratulated on your fine achievement.

Graduation is not an end in itself. It merely means an end to formal education. From now onwards, although your education is bound to continue in the years to come, it will rather follow informal ways rather than going through the conventional system. Thus, you will learn more from what you do, what you say, what you read, and what you experience and so on.

Remember always the famous aphorism of John F. Kennedy that could be paraphrased as “what you have done for the country matters more than what the country has done for you.” The country has now trained you, and you pay back your training received in dedicated, sincere and selfless service to the community that you serve. There is nothing called sojourn in service and your services to the society start this very moment. Grab the opportunity with dedication right now, and we grow together. Besides best of our efforts, you should ever be thankful to the members of your family and friends. Their contribution to your success has been of paramount importance. Take care of them at the time of their need as the saying goes “Charity Begins at Home.” Now, we say good-bye to each one of you in the erstwhile meaning of the phrase God be with you. The gates of JJU are also wide open to receive you back for your master and doctoral studies in the near future. I, on behalf of all administrative staff of the University and myself, extend best wishes to all of you. I look forward to witnessing your positive contributions to this country to uplift our society towards prosperity.