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School of Law

School of Law

Jigjiga University’s School of Law was established in 2000 E.C. Currently, the School has twenty academic staffs. In addition to the regular program, the School is training about 83 judges and prosecutors of the Region in summer diploma program and 140 in summer degree program.

Major achievements of the School this year

The School has been striving to promote quality teaching- learning process. In this academic year, the School has improved its delivery system. To support female students and students coming from emerging regions, the School has given tutorial sessions on various courses based on the preference of the students.

The school of Law has also worked to implement and enhance practical education as per the curriculum. Accordingly, it has assigned the graduating students to take practical knowledge and skills in justice machineries throughout the country for a period of three months. In connection to practical education, the School’s students participated in the ‘Eastern Ethiopian Universities Moot Court Competition’ hosted by Dire Dawa University in which they have obtained better achievements in the area of oral litigation.

The School has been also involving in researches and community service activities. In this Academic Year, different researches in the areas of protection of intellectual properties, Investment impact assessment, tax assessment and an interdisciplinary research related to hardship allowance were contributed.

The School has also obtained better achievements in the areas of community services. Though the school’s services were limited only to Fafan Zone, by this Academic Year, another 7 legal aid centers were established with the support from UNICEF. These new centers are opened in the zonal towns of Sitti, Jerer, Quorahei, Nogob, Afder, Liban and Dollo.

As part of the project on ‘Child Friendly Legal Aid Expansion and Social Workers Training Project in ESRS’, the School has developed the regional legal aid strategy plan and handed it over to the justice machineries. On top of that, the School has trained 180 personnel in the area of referral pathways and 75 professionals working in the community based diversion centers. It is also intending to provide a training on community based diversion systems for 18 social workers recruited by Ethiopian Somali Development Association (ESDA) so as to divert juvenile offenders and children in conflict with the law to the centers. Moreover, the School is intending to prepare ‘Child Justice Hand Book’ for the Region with the support from the UNICEF.