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Dissemination of research outputs through relevant publications and stakeholders discourse platforms represents high stake assignments for the Directorate. This year alone, a total of 24 critically peer-reviewed pastoralism related research articles from different disciplines (education, health, agriculture, natural resources, finance, etc) have been published and disseminated in 4 conference/workshop proceedings.

On a related note, the Directorate has formally launched the first JJU journal publication program designated “East African Journal of Pastoralism (EAJP)”. The Journal, which is currently accepting 1st issue contributions, is anticipated to foster scientific discourse on East African pastoralism.

Moreover, DTPTT in collaboration with different and external stakeholders has organized three international (Topical Diseases, Nutrition and Health, and Higher Education) and two national conferences on pastoralism and human trafficking, and a national workshop on Dry-land Agriculture. These events brought together a wide range of stakeholders including representatives from Federal and Regional government offices, UN agencies, other NGO’s, Regional community, most Ethiopian universities, and multiple foreign universities (such as Texas Tech University, Ohio State University, Daystar University, Ain Shams University, Vaal University of Technology etc.).

To summarize, DRPTT has exerted strong effort and registered substantial progress this year towards accomplishing its mandated missions. Going forward, the Directorate is committed to build up current lessons and achievements towards realizing the scope, quality and relevant impacts of academic, research and community engagement programs envisioned by JJU.