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About ICT

Welcome to ICT

ICT infrastructure is the backbone of the University, the ICT Directorate this year firstly tried to fill the human resource gaps in the first phase. Thus, 18 new different experts in the ICT sector were employed which this raised the number of total staffs into 29.

In 2009 E.C Academic Year, the Directorate installed standard computer networks in 20 computer laboratories and in five G+2 class and staff buildings and in two computer centers in the main library. 1,920 computers are joined to the campus network in all the mentioned areas which this makes the total number of computers joined to the network more than 3200.

The total University wide internet bandwidth has been upgraded from 110mb to 300mb to allow all the University community use internet service without any speed related barriers. 15 wireless devices are deployed in libraries and outside office buildings to deliver Wi-Fi service for students during their spare times.

ICT Application Development team has launched new software like Quick launch, OIS - Online Information System, Help Desk and also new version of Website

Meet our Web Team

Mr.Kemal Hashi

Communication Director Web Master

Mr.Jemal Ayedrus

ICT Director

Mr.A B Pradeep

Development Section Team Leader


Sr. Developer

Mr.Andargie Mangist

Sr. Developer

More about ICT ADC Team

We develop software using new standards to facilitate and automate the daily transactions of the university. And also we provide software consultation for the university and also to the outside clients.

We follow strict recursive software development approach to avoid future bugs, and also we throughly test our software in different levels in order to produce robust modules. And we also provide end user training after the implementation of product.

We use the latest technologies like bootstrap and HTML5 to give best User Interface experience to the user. And also we give support for the implemented modules. We provide responsive single sign on applications for the better performance.

We deliver the following:
1. Responsive Websites for all kind of clients
2. We handle the internal projects of JJU.
3. We provide support for the delivered products.

Our expertise