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College of Natural and Computational Science

Based on its three mandates (teaching learning process, research and community services) and to maintain quality of education, the College of Natural and Computational Science (CNCS) seriously works in human power development and fulfillment of resources particularly for practical education.

CNCS is organized with six departments namely; Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics and Geology departments in the regular program, and Health and Physical Education Department in the summer program.

In addition to the already functional 11 labs the College has, it is establishing one Geology lab and working with concerned bodies to establish other two Biology laboratories.

Along with the teaching learning process, staffs are also engaging in problem solving research activities. In 2009 E.C Academic Year, 6 grant project proposals prepared by our staffs are approved and granted. Our staffs have been also conducting monthly seminar presentation on different issues this Academic Year.

The College is also known of providing different community service activities to the society in the Region since 2005 E.C such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education, outreach mobile lab education using science kits, training on basic laboratory experiments and laboratory safety rules, providing different laboratory resources and preparing laboratory manuals.

Different community service activities have been handled this Academic Year too. Practical STEM education is been given to more than 380 students selected from secondary and preparatory schools of the Ethiopian Somali Regional State. Furthermore, two months period laboratory based education was provided to more than 160 grade 9 & 10 students of Jigjiga Model Secondary School in science subjects.

In line with that, more than 26 laboratory equipments including microscope and laboratory manuals were provided to Jigjija Preparatory School. On the other hand, more than 1800 Biology, Chemistry and Physics laboratory manuals prepared by our staffs are duplicated (grade 9-12) and are on the way to be transferred to 8 preparatory and senior secondary schools.