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Property and transportation service directorate (PTSD)

Jigjiga University’s Property and Transportation Service Directorate is one of the Directorates organized under the Finance and Administrative Development Vice President Office.

The Property and Transportation Service Directorate was launched after the approval of the University’s new structure applied in 2007 E.C. where it was organized as a new independent Directorate incorporating two sections, Transport Section and Property Administration Section which formerly were organized under the Campus Service Directorate and Finance, Procurement and Property Administration Directorate respectively.

Since its launch, the Directorate has been backing the University’s different sections in both the administrative and academic divisions through provisions of logistic services and distribution of property with a total of 81 staffs.

Finally, although the Property and Transportation Service Directorate is a newly organized directorate, some of its achievements include:

  • The implementation of Asset Management Soft Ware which is a Computer based asset management Soft ware that enables encoding of the University’s asset data and tracking the University’s Fixed Assets
  • The implementation of Mini-Garage or work shop by the Transport section which enabled the minor maintenance of the University’s Vehicles thereby minimizing extra costs
  • The Directorate’s staffs were provided with different trainings regarding stock management, inventory control, and vehicle maintenance and handling
  • Property stores were arranged based on the Kaizen philosophy