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College of Engineering and Technology

The College of Engineering and Technology runs 10 departments - Civil Engineering, Construction Technology and Management, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Hydraulics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Surveying Engineering, Water Resource and Irrigation Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Software Engineering - targeting to produce well equipped graduates.

The main events and accomplishments happened and handled by the College this academic year include the following ones :

The Department of Civil engineering and Hydraulics Engineering Department staffs offered free software trainings for 5th year students of their respective students. As part of the community services, the Mechanical Engineering Department staffs gave free drawing course tutorial classes for Shek Abdiselam Senior Secondary School and Jigjiga Senior Secondary School students. The College’s Soil lab has been reorganized attempting to serve the community where different contractors and consultants can conduct different material tests in addition to its normal function which this will also be source of income for JJU. The Department of Water Resource and Irrigation Engineering in collaboration with Quality Assurance Directorate has implemented ‘Wakow idea’, a quality education program which intends to enhance education by supplying students with facilities like desktop computers etc. inside their dormitories. As a result, third year students were provided with the mentioned materials and services. So far, promising results have been seen. Selected 4th year Computer Science Department students participated in ‘Programming Week’ held in Dire Dawa University which included different short trainings and coding competitions, and it is a great honor completing the competition with a third rank from all the 15 participant universities of the competition. In an attempt to minimize students’ economic problems, the Civil Engineering Department established ‘Civil Engineering Low Income Students Support & Gender Office’ that supports these students especially females.

In addition, the same department held an academic award, the first of its kind in the College. The top scorers from each Batch were awarded with tablet IPads.

A group of 3rd year Software Engineering Department students were assisted and were able to develop a social network application called ‘JJU link’.